Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Twitter Russian Nesting Dolls

Black cat @gennepher

Open up black cat @gennepher and inside is @Mortythemouth

Here is @Mortythemouth

Open up @Mortythemouth and out pops @CoyoteSings

Here is @CoyoteSings, but before we open up any more...

...there is something inside the top of @CoyoteSings...

...he was a dragonfly in a former existence...

...a sleeping dragon from a former existence...

We open up @CoyoteSings and find @ten_ten_ten

And here is @ten_ten_ten

Now when we open up @ten_ten_ten, what do we find...

...a busy little bee @beezknez

And here are all the Twitter Russian Nesting Dolls


  1. LOL LOL LOL LOL THIS IS THE TOTAL BEST BEST BEST TWITTER TWEET I AM TOTALLY BUZZED OUT BY THIS @GENNEPHER IM ACTUALLY WELL IM CRYING WITH LAUGHTER AND BECAUSE IM SO TOUCHED BY WHAT YOU HAVe done here why was i writing in caps so sorry for that ... I can believe something like this to coming from you because you have so much love in your heart your like an Earth Sister that is how i always feel when i read your poetry Ooooh look what you gone done to the beez she is in tears Nicest kindest thing anyone has done for me and the lovely company i have here "__ thankq so much love always Beez your Cxxxx from Aus :))))))

  2. @gennepher @Mortythemouth @CoyoteSings @ten_ten_ten and busy little Bee - that is awesome - ROFL ☾☯‿☯☽

  3. They are sooo fab. I love them, clever u xo

  4. THESE ARE WONDERFUL! This is so cool, I am delighted and surprised! Absolutely terrific!!! Hugs and splashes!!!

  5. absolutely perfect! ♥

  6. These are totally, absolutely, adorable. I love the previous lives!

    I came over from Dani's blog, where she featured this. :-)

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments. I had fun making these and painting them.!